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Talk About Mental Health

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Lack of knowledge and awareness are two of the leading causes that make it difficult for mental health patients to speak out. The reality is that many people are simply unaware of how to show support to someone who has a mental illness. Victims of mental disorders often find it hard to discuss their condition with someone because they are afraid of embarrassing themselves or are being told that their problems aren’t as big as they think. Being shunned like this, especially from close family members or friends, can lead people to further isolate themselves. Many victims are also afraid of being rejected by society or their group of friends if they speak out.

Nevertheless, for those who are suffering from mental disorders, it is extremely crucial for them to discuss their condition and seek a treatment. Unfortunately, it is common among people to brush aside the problem as something minor and think they can deal with it on their own. As a result, the condition may worsen over time and can seriously impair the person’s ability to accomplish daily tasks. A poor mental state can also affect a person’s physical health. Being fatigued, not sleeping or eating properly, and/or “dealing” with your disorder through alcohol or drugs can trigger other illnesses.

Tips for Seeking Help

o   Understand that you may have a disorder. Countless people suffer from mental disorders. Thus, one should never see themselves as an outcast or try to hide their problems from others. Acceptance is the first step to finding a solution.

o   Talk it out. Whether it is a family member, a close friend, your doctor, anonymous hotline, or a support group, it is important to find someone whom you can trust and tell them about how you feel. People who care for you will help you.

o   Do not be afraid of treatments. Yes, you might have to take some medications or receive therapy, but always think long-term. It is far better for you to go through these treatments now and live a healthier life than to let your disorder take over your life.

o   Educate yourself. There are tons of resources available online as well as at many hospitals/clinics. Take advantage of them and familiarize yourself with ways to deal with your disorder. It is also important to seek professional help if you have any questions.

Seeking professional help is the best way to properly diagnose and treatment mental illnesses. If you are suffering from a mental illness and are seeking professional help, contact Dr. Ronald Fieve in his Manhattan office. The professionals at the Fieve Depression Center will listen to you and discuss your options. We also offer Telemedicine through phone call, Skype and more. Please call (212) 249-1600 to schedule your private consultation.

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