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Mental Disorders

Dr. Fieve, a Psychiatrist and Clinical Pscyhopharmacologist based in NYC, has dedicated his career to the study and treatment of mental disorders. Thanks to his extensive experience treating patients and his research in the field of psychopharmacology, he has become an internal expert in the treatment of mental disorders, in particular Bipolar I and II, clinical depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorders (Personality Disorders or PTSD). The term mental disorder, or mental illness, covers a wide range of problems and behaviors.

Common Types of Mental Disorders

It would be impossible to list every mental disorder on this page (entire medical textbooks are dedicated to the classification and description of medical disorders!). We have included some of the more common and well-known types below.

We strongly caution our patients against attempting to diagnose any mental illness with information they find online. Mental disorders are extremely complex and manifest in many different ways. Not only is self-diagnosis prone to error, but it is crucial that anyone who suffers from a mental disorder seek the help of a medical professional to gain control of their symptoms and lead a normal life.

Development of Mental Disorders

Because mental disorders cover such a broad range of concerns, it is difficult to list the symptoms of mental disorders in general. That being said, it is rare for mental illnesses to appear suddenly. In most cases, people close to the individuals – or the individuals themselves – will start to notice small differences in their feelings or behavior. They may not be able to point to exactly what is wrong, but they get the sense that something isn’t quite right.

If you are concerned about your mental health or the well being of someone close to you, we encourage you to pay close attention to their behavior and ask for help as soon as possible. As with any illness, early intervention can make a huge difference. Some of the early warning signs of mental illness include:

  • Withdrawal or loss of interest in activities that are normally appealing
  • Moodswings
  • Negative change in performance at school or work
  • Loss of focus and difficulty thinking
  • Feelings of disconnect from people, surroundings, or reality
  • Changes in normal sleep patterns
  • Appetite changes
  • Unusual behavior

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Essentially, if there is a dramatic change in behavior or mood without explanation, it is worth investigating this with the support of a medical professional.

Mental Disorder Treatment in New York

Dr. Fieve has helped countless numbers of patients understand their mental disorders and obtain appropriate treatment. By working closely with patients and applying his advanced knowledge of psychiatric medicine, Dr. Fieve can help patients lead a healthy and more typical lifestyle. We encourage you to contact our Manhattan office today to set up an initial consultation or to learn more about mental disorders.

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