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Dr. Fieve’s psychopharmacology practice has been offering high quality medical and psychiatric services to a global audience over the last three decades including:

  • An initial psychiatric diagnostic evaluation
  • Psychopharmacology treatment and follow-up
  • Cognitive, marital and standard psychotherapy
  • Physical examination with laboratory blood analysis and EKG
  • Confidential Second Opinion on diagnosis and treatment
  • Expert Legal Witness


Dr. Fieve employs a mulfi-phase diagnostic and treatment process that consists of the following procedures:


To provide a precise psychiatric diagnosis, each patient is given a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Detailed family history is taken in order to identify genefic patterns and symptoms of mood disorder and recommendations are made regarding further evaluations, medications and therapy. In addifion to the initial psychiatric evalualion, a physical examinafion with EKG and blood tests are required.


Based on the findings of the initial evaluation, Dr. Fieve initiates weekly psychopharmacological follow-up visits to adjust medication as necessary in order to achieve the desired therapeutic results. For patients who wish to discuss problem areas of their lives, Standard or Cognitive Psychotherapy is also available in the office by a PHD or CSW who works closely with Dr. Fieve and associates. A combination of talk therapy and medication may be necessary to achieve optimal results. We also offer couples and family therapy with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


In this phase of treatment the patient‘s overall mood and behavioral responses are evaluated for signs of improvement and change. Progress is recorded on specially designed progress forms and overall treatment is adjusted accordingly.


  • Mood disorders including Bipolar I and ll as well as the broad spectrum of clinical depression
  • Treatment Resistant Depression that has not responded to previous therapy
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders
  • Anxiety disorders including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, generalized anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pain associated with depression as well as medical disorders
  • Alcohol and drug abuse associated with depression

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We will work to maximize your medical insurance benefits. We work with Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oxford, Medicare, Optum, United Behavior Health and Value Options.