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The Return of Lithium

Some people and prospective patients may be reluctant to take Lithium when diagnosed with Bipolar I or Bipolar II disorder or Recurrent Clinical Depression due to the inaccurate publicity on various web portals. The TRUTH supported by four of the Worlds Top Experts, including Dr. Ronald R. Fieve, is that Lithium is a natural mineral that has the least side effects when compared to other prescription medications on the market today. Lithium has been known to be the “miracle drug” when treating Bipolar disorder and Recurrent Depressive Disorders, ever since Dr Fieve first introduced it into the US in 1958 with his pioneering studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University.‎

Lithium is a non-addictive medication. It is safe and effective only when prescribed by a psychiatrist with additional expert training in Lithium psychopharmacology who then knows the proper dosing and fluid and diet intake and is able to further monitor and supervise treatment.  Bipolar Disorder has the highest incidence of suicide among all mental disorders. Thus, it is critical for people to know that Lithium remains the most anti-suicidal drug available for Bipolar Disorders.

Various studies that our Fieve Depression Center research team continues to report on, besides Lithium’s already proven efficacy for over 60 years in Bipolar Disorders, include it’s promising ability, only recently discovered, to protect people against myocardial infarction and seizure disorder, with the latest data showing possible prophylaxis for other Neuro-generative disease and Cardiovascular Disorders as well!

It is always advised to drink plenty of water when taking Lithium and to eat a normal 3 meals a day diet, which provides the normal fluid and salt intake needed for good lithium balance, as well as avoiding dehydration.

For more information on Lithium a great read “Moodswing” is available.  OR : “Bipolar Breakthrough”  is available

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