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June 5 2015

Sunlight and Happiness

Are your spirits lifted when you spend more time outdoors and in the sun? According to research, sunshine does indeed bring a bright spot. Today there is an increasing amount of evidence that supports the prevailing sense that sunlight boosts our mood and can help symptoms of depression. So how is sun connected to mental well-being? Many of us are familiar with the term winter blues, or season... Read More >>
March 17 2015

The Importance of Annual Physical Exams when taking Psychiatric Medication

Psychiatric medications are prescribed to patients who suffer from varying degrees and types of mental illness. Clinical depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, bi-polar disorder, and ADHD are mental illnesses often treated by doctors with psychiatric medications. Your particular symptoms and the severity of your illness will determine what medication will work best for you. For example, an... Read More >>
February 2 2015

What Does Depression Look Like for Men?

Depression affects 1 out of every 10 adults in the United States. Though depression is more common in women, the condition affects men every day. Why are women reported to suffer from depression more often than men? Studies have shown that certain lifetime events specific to the female sex can cause depression, such as Post-Partum depression, Empty-Nest Syndrome and Menopause. Outside of these fac... Read More >>

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