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September 15 2015

Exercising Your Brain

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and we still do not fully understand all of its inner workings. Though we all accept the need to exercise our bodies and maintain physical health, it is less common for people to understand the equal need to exercise our brains. Exercising our brains is vital, as brains behave in a similar fashion to a muscle. “Working out” your brain can help it phy... Read More >>
July 23 2015

Workplace Right: Take a Mental Day

To be a productive and positive individual leading a healthy life, we need to look after ourselves mentally and physically. While physical health is of great importance, our mental health is even more essential in order to live a satisfied life. Why is mental health more significant? Let's take Stephen Hawking as an example. He is a British physicist and regarded by many as one of the most inte... Read More >>
June 18 2015

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

• What can I do to improve mental/physical health?    [3 tips for each] • Conclusion: Consultation with Dr. Fieve When considering bodily health, it is imperative to consider both mental and physical health, as one cannot be whole without the other. There have always been anecdotal evidence and old wives’ tales around the connection of the body and the mind, and the... Read More >>

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