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June 20 2016

Is Seasonal Affective Depression Real?

Seasonal affective depression (also known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD) is a form of depression that is said to affect people at certain times every year. It is something which was widely accepted until now. A recent study conducted by Dr. Steven LoBello, a professor of psychology at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, challenges the notion that there is a relationship between se... Read More >>
May 2 2016

Postpartum Depression

The birth of a child is a life-changing event, accompanied by a range of intense emotions–immense joy, overflowing love, as well as both fear and hope. But a new baby can also trigger mild to severe depression. After childbirth, many new mothers experience “baby blues”, a collection of symptoms that includes mood swings, sadness, crying spells, anxiety and sleep disorders. But some new mo... Read More >>
February 18 2016

Seasonal Changes Affecting Depression

Some call it the winter blues, others describe it as seasonal depression. Indeed, depressive symptoms and moodiness can be linked to seasonal changes. Many of us feel a slump during the winter. When mild, the symptoms go away within a short amount of time (think of the post-holiday low). However, when symptoms persist and interfere with daily life for a significant period of time, it may a seas... Read More >>
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